Startups at F&A Next 2017

The ten companies that will pitch at FoodBytes! at F&A Next are:

Novihum Technologies GmbH (based in Dresden, Germany)
Producer of a nutrient-rich permanent humus granulate made from lignite that improves poor and degraded soils, leading to plant yield increases of 10-50% .
FruitsApp (based in Rome, Italy)
Providing an intelligent marketplace for the fresh produce industry.
Koupe (based in Loenen, Netherlands)
Providing a high protein, healthier, and smart alternative to conventional ice cream.
Si Technologies International B.V. (based in Rotterdam, Netherlands)
A business that helps smallholder farmers to optimise crop yields under stressful circumstances .
FoodNotify (based in Vienna, Austria)
A SaaS-based cloud solution and corresponding app tailored to manage all administrative areas in the HoReCa industry .
Hey Like Wow(based in Essex, UK)
The company’s aim is to develop the leading, most trusted global soft drinks brand in the sugar-free, preservative-free, drinks market.
Arc-net(based in Belfast, UK)
Start-up arc-net connects every step of a product’s journey to deliver supply chain transparency and product security .
Connecting Food(based in Paris, France)
A start-up that develops and sells an innovative technology solution, based on blockchain and food, that certifies in real time food compliance.
Multi Tool Trac(based in Almelo, the Netherlands)
The company is building the first electric tractor that saves the soil.
NeoFarms(based in Hanover, Germany)
A start-up developing a fully automated indoor greenhouse able to produce family sized salads and greens with a home appliance the size and form of a fridge that can be integrated in any kitchen or living space .

In addition to the ten finalists, ten runner-up companies have been selected to deliver 60-second pitches. They are:

(based in Georgia).
Seatris GmbH
(based in Berlin, Germany).
Agroflux BV
(based in Kapelle, Netherlands).
(based in Paris, France)
(based in Zurich, Switzerland).
(based in Heeze, Netherlands).
(based in Renkum, Netherlands).
Olijck Seafood B.V.
(based in Haarlem, Netherlands).
(based in Kakamega , Kenya).
Cambridge Crops
(based in the US)
Investors and food and agri companies interested in attending the conference can register at

Participants in Interactive Panel Discussions F&A Next

Modern technology reshaping agriculture

Taranis, Ofir Schlam, Co-Founder & CEO
LemnaTec, Stefan Frey, CEO
ITK, Eric Jallas, Managing Director
Hummingbird Technologies, Will Wells, CEO

Disruptive innovation in livestock farming

Enzootic, Assaf Shechter, CEO
PerformaNat, Hannah-Sophie Brown, Co-Founder and COO
Kernfarm, Diederik van Rijn, Managing Director
BluWrap, Mark Barnekow, CEO

Attending startups