Meet Wageningen UR one of the founders of F&A Next

The world is changing radically: The world’s population is growing while the population of the western world is aging. The pressure on land use is increasing and calls for less environmentally damaging methods of food production. The climate is changing and fossil fuels become scarcer, which creates a need for profitable sustainable alternatives. And there is the growing need for healthy, versatile, adequate and safe food. Knowledge and business approaches are key in solving our society’s issues. This is where Wageningen UR plays its part.
Louise Fresco, President of Wageningen UR explains the ambition of Wageningen UR towards developing new business approaches and knowledge: “In the coming years we want to further expand our leading position in this field. We will do this in close collaboration with governmental organisations, commercial businesses, fellow institutions and universities both in Europe and overseas. We want to stay ahead of the game internationally, to join financial forces with third parties, to share knowledge and to find sustainable solutions to the challenges that the world is facing.” Fresco considers start-ups and scale-ups an essential part of the knowledge ecosystem around Wageningen UR. “It’s in our DNA to cross-connect fundamental and applied knowledge with businesses. Additionally, in today’s society start-ups are increasingly driving innovations and creating new business models and solutions. Our campus is a place where passionate and motivated entrepreneurs work with similarly motivated and passionate scientists and researchers, resulting in a vibrant and inspiring environment, an environment that is fundamental for new ideas and businesses.”
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