Meet Rabobank one of the founders of F&A Next

Founded by and for Dutch farmers over 115 years ago, the food & agri sector is embedded in Rabobank’s DNA. Today the bank is a world leading F&A bank, having 100 billion Euro outstanding in this sector worldwide. With a dedicated strategy called ‘Banking-for-Food’, it aims to contribute to the economic success of its clients and the communities in which they operate, in feeding the world sustainably.

Driving innovation and business

Berry Marttin, member of the Executive Board of Rabobank: “We need entrepreneurs to turn innovation into practical propositions that fit market demands.” Fostering innovation in food and agriculture is a huge focus for Rabobank, from supporting technology entrepreneurs who are playing an increasing role in driving change in the sector to bringing innovative ideas to our client base – the top food and farming companies around the world. We are keen to support the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in the sector with financing, our unique food & agri knowledge and our strong position throughout the global value chains from farm to fork.”

Connecting ideas to investments

Rabobank already has an impressive track record in supporting innovation, including local innovation funds, impact loans, green banking and stakes in various dedicated investment funds. By means of events such as the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award, Meet & Grow, and Money meets Ideas in the Netherlands, and FootBytes! internationally, the bank supports sustainable innovation and helps bridge the gap between ideas and investments.
“Start-ups are important for the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem from farm to fork, for the Dutch economy and global food & agribusiness,” adds Marttin. “This is why Rabobank is proud to join F&A Next as founding partner in driving the innovation that is the future of this exciting business both in the Netherlands and abroad.”

About Rabobank

Rabobank wants to contribute to welfare and prosperity in the Netherlands. And Rabobank aims to contribute to a food secure future for all. Innovation is key on both accounts. Start-ups and Scale-ups are important for entrepreneurship and the national and global economy; they drive innovation and represent the future of ‘The Netherlands Inc.’ as well as ‘F&A 2.0’. In food chains worldwide, innovation is vital to produce more food with less ecological impact. That’s why Rabobank is Founding Partner of Startup Fest and F&A Next.
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